Our Logistics Sector Action Group is bringing business together to improve growth within the sector.

Trevor Hutchinson

ESB Vice Chair & Sector Lead Logistics | DP World

Trevor has been a board member and sector lead for Logistics since 2017 and accepted the role of Vice Chair in June 2018, together with Liz Austin from London Stansted Airport.

The logistics sector critically needs more skilled workers, but it also needs passionate leaders who can stimulate progress for the industry in Essex. Our sector action group is a platform for employers to shape their industry and attract talent to their business by combatting some of the key barriers in logistics.


Logistics Sector Action Group

Our Sector Action Group (SAG) is made up of employers who want to shape the sector by addressing their skills shortages. The group works together to identify and develop industry-led solutions that challenges perceptions and encourages people into logistics.

We have been focusing on the importance of encouraging the younger generation to enter the industry and promoting the sector as an attractive industry to work in. Examples of this are supporting more apprenticeship schemes within local FE institutions, holding taster days for school students and creating careers information through the 'What's Your Thing?' careers booklets.

Friends of Hardie Park Logistics Sector Action Group Meeting

How Can I Benefit?

  • Build a network of local employers and training providers
  • Fill your skills shortages by developing a workforce that meets your business needs
  • Increase your exposure by leading forward-thinking programmes and initiatives

If you want to take part in our sector action group, or for more details, e-mail us using the button below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Key Sector Headlines

This sector employs more than 35,000 people in over 2,900 companies in Essex.

Essex Employers include: DP World, DSV, Harwich International Port Ltd., Manchester Airport Group, Port of Tilbury Ltd., Stobart Air, Tilbury Container Services, Uniserve and Woodland Logistics.

The local authority areas with the largest clusters of enterprises are Thurrock, Harlow and Basildon.


The sector has a number of skills challenges which include:

  • Logistics, due to technological change, consumer demand and environmental factors is a sector that is undergoing continual change. The workforce needs to be able to adapt, and having the right skills and training in place is vital.
  • Employers raise concerns about the future supply of workers. Young people, in particular, lack understanding of the sector and individuals consider the sector to be a last resort.
  • Job roles and the knowledge and skills required in the sector have evolved to incorporate the demands of new technology meaning that new skills are continually in demand.
  • This sector is suffering from a significantly aging workforce
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