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What does your child like to do? Are they creative? Are they into science? Maybe they are more practical, or maybe there's something else that makes them unique! Whatever they enjoy doing, you can help them turn it into a career and watch them be a part of some of the biggest projects in Essex with construction.

The Truth About the Sector
Opportunities in Construction
What Could Your Child Earn?
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It's not just about brick-laying and it's not a sector just for men! Last year, there were more than 200 different roles in construction meaning that people with all different talents come together to create places where people can live, work and have fun! This diverse sector needs people in offices and on-site to make sure that every project comes together.




From Architect to Welder, there were over 12,200 job vacancies posted in Essex just for construction. It is one of the fastest growing industries and there are many projects planned for the future in Greater Essex, meaning there will always be loads of opportunities for your child to build their career. Your child could work with some of the UK's biggest companies on Essex's major infrastructure projects such as:

  • Bradwell Nuclear Power Station
  • Lower Thames River Crossing, connecting Thurrock with Kent
  • Stansted Airport's £130m new arrivals terminal
  • Harlow expansion
  • New Garden Communities

On top of that, there are more than 130,000 homes planned to be built across Essex by 2036 and over £7m invested in road development over the next few years. Find out more about what's planned for Essex here.

Most importantly, with digital skills becoming more valuable to the way people work in construction, your child will already have some important skills that will be needed for the construction jobs of the future. For example, did you know that the way houses are being built is changing to integrate more smart technology? 

You can use GoConstruct's Careers A-Z which has a list of many of the roles available in construction, as well as what your child would do and what they need for the job. Want to know more about what your child could do? Try the careers explorer and find the perfect role for them.



What Could Your Child Earn?

Did you know that with the right qualifications, your child could earn over £25,000 with your first role in construction? In Essex, the average salary for construction is between £20,000 - £39,999 with nearly 10% of workers earning more than £60,000. With so many roles available, there are great opportunities for progression too so your child can experience and long and valuable career here in Essex.




After school, there are many routes for your child to get the right skills and build a lasting career:

Attending college is just one of the many options that will help them gain the right qualifications to begin their careers. Essex is home to many colleges that offer construction courses such as:

Apprenticeships are also a great way for your child to get practical skills in a working environment and earn money while they do it. Like colleges or training providers, apprenticeships also offer nationally recognised qualifications which start at Level 2 (GCSE level) and can go all the way up to Level 6 (the equivalent of a University degree!). You can find out more about apprenticeships and how much your child could earn here.

There are also a lot of training providers in Essex that can also offer nationally recognised qualifications and Universities can offer a more academic route into the sector. To find out more about your child's options into the sector click the link to head to the Go Construct careers site.

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