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UX Design

More than 20 educators attended our digital and creative CPD session, focussed on 'UX Design and Why it Matters'.

This was the first in a series of planned talks and workshops aimed at providing educators with insights into industry practices and to help demistify a range of different topics. 

The session delivered by Michael Dravnieks from Coast Digital was held at the University of Essex. Michael explained what UX design is, what UX designers do as well as explaining how anyone can get started in UX design.

So what did attendees learn?

  • Design is problem solving, not stunning visuals
  • UX Design is a balance of user needs and business needs
  • Testing, measuring and learning is key to user centred design
  • Research is the foundation of a good experience
  • UX results in ROI, and happy customers
  • Designers can change the world
  • Anyone can be a designer!

If you missed the event dont worry. You  can watch Michael's talk below or  via our YouTube channel:

  1. Long Version 
  2. Short Version


UX Design and Why It Matters

In this talk Michael Dravnieks (Coast Digital) explains the basics of User Experience (UX) Design and why it's not only one of the most exciting digital career paths, but one of the most important.