Our updated strategic priorities have launched

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We are pleased to present our strategic priorities for 2018/19. 

Adam Jones, ESB Chair, said the following 'We are delighted to launch our strategic priorities for 2018/19. Our priorities are key to us delivering targeted and evidence based activities to help build a productive, responsive and inclusive Essex skills system that delivers growth for local people and employers'


Priority 1   Promote career pathways to improve the perception, awareness and understanding of careers in our priority sectors;

Priority 2   Strengthen curriculum design and delivery to ensure residents & employers gain the relevant skills needed for economic growth and innovation

Priority 3   Champion apprenticeships and technical education to increase participation, particularly in subjects which directly support our priority sectors;

Priority 4   Build engagement with the wider employer community, creating effective local partnerships between employers, educators and training providers to ensure skills provision addresses the needs of key sectors, businesses and occupations;

Priority 5   Strategic lead for skills in Essex, acting as a prominent voice for Essex employers and ensuring a high level of national, regional and local visibility to stimulate and inspire partners.


Find out more by downloading our strategic priorities and delivery plan.