Hiring an Apprentice - Interview with Flakt Woods

Hiring an apprentice

Often the benefits of apprenticeships are discussed from the point of view of the apprentice and the help it provides them for their future career. But what about the companies that are supporting them through an apprenticeship and providing an oppurtunity - why should they offer this? How do they find the experience? Do the apprentices build a career witihin the company?

 Lets hear from Essex based company Flakt Woods part of the Flakt Group an engineering company who have experience hiring apprentices. 

Company and apprentice manager : Flakt Woods Ltd - Doug Gower 

Job title and responsibilities: Engineering Manager - Day to day running of Design Teams for both bespoke order related activities and Research and Development.

Why did the company decide to hire an apprentice?

We have a strong history in recruiting and developing apprentices. A high percentage of staff have been through the apprenticeship program and we believe it helps form the future of the business. The level of training is also excellent and they get a varied insight into different areas of the business.

How did you find the apprenticeship process and using the new apprenticeship levy?

This has been fine. We have been well supported by the Colchester Institute and The Essex Employment and Skills Board.

Please outline your background and your route into the industry?

I left School in 1985 and was then taken on as an apprentice at Woods of Colchester (now Flakt Woods). Following my apprenticeship, I then moved into New Product Design. I have worked my way up through the Business taking on various roles, although always based within the Engineering Team.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to enter the industry?

Do your best to go and experience it – work experience is a great way to do this. This also gives you something practical to add to your CV.


Thank you to Flakt Woods for contributing to this piece