ESB Introduce New CPD Pilot Programme

Tutor CPD at Chelmsford Company, e2v

The ESB and the Essex Provider Network launched an exciting new project, spanning across the first week of November, which aimed to improve the quality of teaching within manufacturing and engineering.

Recently, training providers across Essex have stated that teaching staff are not sufficiently informed about the industries, nor are they fully aware of the wide-ranging careers that these industries could offer to students.

Working with local, leading companies in the sector such as Ford, e2v and Raytheon, the CPD event invited tutors and staff to visit key manufacturing and engineering sites which enabled over 20 members of staff (across several local colleges) to gain a unique insight into the mechanics of the local industry and alert them to the career and skills needs that exist.

Now more teaching staff will be able to communicate the vast and valuable opportunities available to their students - as well as spark an interest in them, in areas they would not have otherwise been exposed to. Not only did the CPD week positively impact the quality of teaching, but as a result, Essex colleges now have a greater relationship with businesses, forging greater opportunities for students looking to enter the industry.

The event ended on the 6th of November with great success; the attending colleges have raised interest in potential future events which would help solidify the already impressive start to change within the teaching programme.