Download - Ultimate Careers Guide for Adults

From CV tips to running your own business, this booklet is the ultimate guide to getting your next job.

Whether you're thinking about your first long-term job, you're ready to change your career path, or even looking to get back into work after a career break, this guide can help you.

The guide includes: 

  • Industry expert advice on writing your CV
  • Advice on finding and applying for a job
  • Information on the key skills employers are looking for
  • Information on financial support
  • And much much more.

Also included are real life examples of how workers in Essex found their job role and they give their views to support you on your journey to getting a new job.

As well as the amazing career examples throughout this guide, you can also learn about the thousands of opportunities in some of the most in-demand sectors in Essex and the salaries that you could earn.

Download your free guide now by clicking the orange button or visit our Essex careers website: