About The Board

Collectively, we’ve helped to capture images of the universe, land on a comet, design cars used by millions and produce apps for everyday life.

Why we were established

The Essex Employment and Skills Board (ESB) was established in order to give employers a platform to shape skills provision across Essex. By working with large employers, academic institutions, SMEs and local government, the ESB creates solutions to the skills challenges that industries face and helps provide opportunities for people to build long-term careers.

Our mission

To build a productive, responsive and inclusive Essex skills system that delivers growth for local people and employers and is established as a national exemplar.

Through our research, we have identified seven priority sectors which are set for growth and are suffering skills shortages:

  1. Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering
  2. Care
  3. Construction
  4. Financial & Related Services
  5. Health
  6. IT, Digital and Creative
  7. Logistics

Our priorities in 2018/19

Priority 1   Promote career pathways to improve the perception, awareness and understanding of careers in our priority sectors;

Priority 2   Strengthen curriculum design and delivery to ensure residents & employers gain the relevant skills needed for economic growth and innovation;

Priority 3   Champion apprenticeships and technical education to increase participation, particularly in subjects which directly support our priority sectors;

Priority 4   Build engagement with the wider employer community, creating effective local partnerships between employers, educators and training providers to ensure skills provision addresses the needs of key sectors, businesses and occupations;

Priority 5   Strategic lead for skills in Essex, acting as a prominent voice for Essex employers and ensuring a high level of national, regional and local visibility to stimulate and inspire partners.


ESB Prioirites & Activities





ESB Activities




Career pathways

Education & Industry STEM programme, Taster/Insight Days & Competitions, Health & Social Care College Programme, Virtual Reality careers app, Recruitment events, Sector specific direct marketing, Career Guides & website (What’s Your Thing, Ultimate Guide)










Curriculum design & delivery

Further Education tutor recruitment, Further Education tutor CPD, Curriculum development, Increase take up of industry relevant qualifications in schools and colleges










Apprenticeship & technical education

Apprenticeship Promotion & Brokerage Hub











Employer engagement

Sector Leads, ESB Sector Action Groups, CEC Enterprise Advisor Network, Employer-led resource groups, Industry body engagement










Strategic skills lead

Skills research, ESB website & marketing, European Social Fund monies, Skills Capital investment, Leverage through procurement & development projects, Strategic partnerships (national, regional and local)